• Colors All Around [Note: An instrumental version can be heard in the credits in the VHS version; known as "Colors, Colors, All Around-Instrumental". Similarly, it's the last song on Side A of the audio cassette; cassette and book only. Same with the audio CD as the last song.]
  • Basic Colors
  • Practice Finding Colors
  • Basic Shapes
  • Shapes Are All Around Us
  • What Color is it?
  • Name That Shape
  • Music Helps Me Count to 5
  • Mixing Colors [red, yellow, blue]
  • Counting Up to 10
  • How Many Shapes?
  • So Many Shapes
  • So Many Colors
  • The Ellipse
  • Diamonds and Squares
  • Four Cool Shapes
  • Polygons
  • Polygon Song
  • Let's Count to 20
  • Fun Time Quiz


  • On the back of the cover from VHS and DVD, the polygons segment is colored on a yellow background. The pentagon is pink, with a number 5 in it, the hexagon is green, with a number 6 in it, the heptagon is turquoise, with a number 7 in it, the octagon is brown, with a number 8 in it, the nonagon is orange, with a number 9 in it, and the decagon is purple, with a number 10 in it.

Lyrics Edit

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