Rock 'N Learn- Colors, Shapes, & Counting Cover


  • Colors All Around [Note: A reprise and instrumental version can be heard in the credits in the VHS version; known as "Colors, Colors, All Around-Reprise" and "Colors, Colors, All Around-Instrumental" . Similarly, the song "Colors, Colors, All Around-Instrumental" is the last song on Side A of the audio cassette; cassette and book only. Same with the audio CD as the last two songs; "Colors, Colors, All Around-Reprise" and "Colors, Colors, All Around-Instrumental". However, in between those two, there is an "Instrumental Explanation" explained by Rollie Roundman. On the old version of the DVD, both the reprise and instrumental versions are heard in the DVD menu. However, this was removed in the new 2010 version; both the reprise and the instrumental version.]
  • Basic Colors
  • Practice Finding Colors
  • Basic Shapes
  • Shapes Are All Around Us
  • What Color is it?
  • Name That Shape
  • Music Helps Me Count to 5
  • Mixing Colors [red, yellow, blue]
  • Counting Up to 10
  • How Many Shapes?
  • So Many Shapes
  • So Many Colors
  • The Ellipse
  • Diamonds and Squares
  • Four Cool Shapes
  • Polygons
  • Polygon Song
  • Let's Count to 20
  • Fun Time Quiz


  • On the back of the cover from VHS and DVD, the polygons segment is colored on a yellow background. The pentagon is pink, with a number 5 in it, the hexagon is green, with a number 6 in it, the heptagon is turquoise, with a number 7 in it, the octagon is brown, with a number 8 in it, the nonagon is orange, with a number 9 in it, and the decagon is purple, with a number 10 in it.

Lyrics Edit

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